Spirituality and Meta-Halakha in the Winding of Tekhelet in Tzitzit



For over a thousand years, the source of Biblical “tekhelet” was unknown, and we were unable to dye the fringes of our tzitzit with the special dye.  Recently, however, this practice has been renewed due to research that has demonstrated that the source of this coveted dye is the ink secreted by the banded dye-murex snail.[i]

As a result of the suspension of the practice for so many years, there is no clear tradition regarding the use of the dyed threads, and there is much

Scholarship Needs Spirituality – Spirituality Needs Scholarship: Challenges for Emerging Talmudic Methodologies

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Yakov Nagen (Genack), Yeshivat Otniel



One of the most exciting and influential revelations of my life has been my encounter with the rich and varied possibilities entailed in “learning Gemara.” This includes both the process, including the multiple paths and methodologies of study, as well as the results, the multifaceted forms of understanding or experience that are sought or achieved.

R. Amital zz”l, Rosh Yeshiva